Cyberoam Press Releases

Cyberoam reports rising spam incidence due to compromised webmail/Facebook accounts
17 November 2011

Cyberoam appoints First Distribution as its new Distributor for South Africa
31 October 2011

Facebook Friend Malware and “Like” scams frustrate unsuspecting users
24 October 2011

Cyberoam Launches VMware-based Virtual CCC appliances for Centralized Security Management
18 October 2011

Cyberoam Signs NESCOT as first Master National Training Academy for UK
15 September 2011

Cyberoam launches ‘NetGenie’ for worldwide Home/SOHO network security market
14 September 2011

Cyberoam Appoints Lynton Lubbe as Channel Manager for South Africa
3 August 2011

Spammers Exploit Hype Around Iphone 5 Release To Launch Malware Attack
20 July 2011

Cyberoam Appoints Ricky Knights as Channel Manager for UK
19 May 2011

Cyberoam Reports Huge Rise In Email-Borne Malware Due To Fake UPS Parcel Tracking Notifications
19 April 2011

Cyberoam appoints IDSS as its Distributor for Zimbabwe
7 April 2011

Cyberoam Launches New Centralized Security Management Appliances
23 March 2011

Elitecore wins NASSCOM Innovation award for Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Technology
9 February 2011

Cyberoam Extends Distribution with Existing UAE & Oman Distributor Bulwark for new Regions of Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait
2 February 2011

Cyberoam brings “Future-ready Extensible Security” in New UTM Appliances for Large Enterprises
1 February 2011

Beware of the “Kamasutra” virus attack – a Cyberoam advisory
20 January 2011

Cyberoam named as No.1 UTM Appliance vendor in India
10 January 2011