• Role of IT in Educational Institutes

    Use of technology and Internet access has become an essential part of a student’s curriculum to encourage comprehensive learning. Cyberoam presents an integrated approach to protecting and managing your Institute's IT resources. Cyberoam protects filters and monitors your institute's entire Internet access using simple policies.

  • Security of Surveillance Devices

    This White Paper is intended to educate the readers regarding threats associated with IP based surveillance devices and describes an affordable, best-in-breed, easy to configure solutions like Web Application Firewall (WAF) offered by Cyberoam UTM to mitigate these threats.

  • Combating DoS/DDoS Attacks Using Cyberoam

    It is a common practice for us to fret about how we could be possible victims of DoS or DDoS attacks. We usually concentrate on strengthening our defences against possible attacks, tighten each knot, fill up holes, and check all nooks and cronies. But, have you ever thought that we could be the perpetrators? Our resources may be exploited, our very defences used against us to cause havoc elsewhere? Read further to see how DoS and DDoS attacks work, and how Cyberoam hits the problem at the root: by preventing your network from being part of any attacker's weaponry.

  • Secure your Virtual World with Cyberoam

    The constantly evolving technological landscape in the corporate world, and the need for an increasingly agile, productive and collaborative workforce, has resulted in many organizations switching to virtualized infrastructures. Although virtualization has come as a boon to these organizations, it comes with its own set of security hiccups. Cyberoam, with its entire range of virtual security appliances, offers industry-leading network security for virtualized environments. Cyberoam seamlessly fits into your virtual setup, offering easy deployment and configuration.

  • Next Generation UTMs for SOHO-SMB--Wire-Speed Security

    For the first time, gigabit Internet speeds are bringing a wide range of solutions within reach of SOHO-SMB organizations. Simultaneously, they are placing enormous pressure on security devices. The question that arises is, what does it take for security devices to keep pace with the shift? Read further to find an answer.

  • Cyberoam 360 degree Protection on a Shoe-String Budget

    Network security a few years ago was not a part of an organization's annual budget where traditional wired computers sent secure information to the server placed in an isolated network and traditional routers with a basic firewall performed the job of securing an organization's network. This was a primitive age of network security when network security was little known and considered as an avoidable expense.

  • BYOD- A blessing or curse in disguise?

    Talking about businesses today, things seem changed. Employees today have attached their personal devices to their work flows. Whether somebody chooses an Apple or an Android or a Blackberry or a Windows device, it is now about including these devices to a network. This whitepaper, talks about both the pros and cons of this new evolving trend and also about solutions to the issues it proposes.

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