Centralized Management


Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) appliances offer the flexibility of hardware CCC appliances and virtual CCC appliances to provide centralized security management across distributed Cyberoam network security appliances, enabling high levels of security for MSSPs and large enterprises. With Layer 8 Identity-based policies and centralized reports and alerts, CCC hardware and virtual appliances provide granular security and visibility into remote and branch offices across the globe.

Hardware CCC Appliances

  • Offer centralized management and monitoring in large enterprises, MSSPs
  • Meet the requirements of 15 -1000 Cyberoam network security appliances

Virtual CCC Appliances

  • Virtual CCC appliances support VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms
  • Offer full set of features as CCC hardware appliances
  • Eliminate need for dedicated hardware, reduce cost of ownership, simplify future upgrades for users


Centralized Policy Management & Security Updates – CCC simplifies security management by enabling centralized policy creation and implementation, subscription and signature updates for Cyberoam network security appliances deployed at branch offices and client offices for all security features like Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Anti-Virus scanning, and more. This allows real-time protection against zero-hour threats in enterprises and reduces response time against newly identified threats across multiple customer networks of MSSPs.

With a single, web-based GUI across all security features, CCC ensures centralized policy implementation, simplifying security management and maintaining high levels of security across all customer locations and remote offices despite the lack of technical resources at these locations. Update of rules and policies can be centrally scheduled for individual or group of network security appliances.

Group-based Management – CCC provides flexibility to manage security across various offices and clients by allowing grouping of security appliances based on their geography, Cyberoam network security appliance models, Firmware versions, organizations (especially for MSSPs), and service subscriptions. Enhanced with Web 2.0 benefits, the dynamic views in CCC provide at-a-glance information on the dashboard that helps in managing, searching and sorting appliances by firmware versions, appliance models and all appliances. This helps in quick monitoring and action. CCC offers flexibility in sorting appliance views on the dashboard by allowing customizable selection criteria for sorting.

Role-based Administrator Controls – CCC enables enterprises and MSSPs to set role-based administration for CCC hardware and virtual appliances as well as individual Cyberoam security appliance and group of Cyberoam security appliances.

Alerts and Audit Logs – CCC's Log Viewer offers logs and views of administrator actions on CCC as well as dispersed Cyberoam network security appliances, which helps in investigative analysis, supports regulatory compliance as well as keeps track of historical activities across distributed networks.

Email alerts can be set for individual or group of Cyberoam security appliances across branch offices and client offices based on expiry of subscription modules, excess disk usage, IPS and virus threat counts, unhealthy surfing hits and other parameters. CCC’s alert configuration facility helps enterprises and MSSPs reduce false alarms. Administrators can set an alert when the CPU usage reaches above 90% for a specific time period (say 20 minutes) instead of setting an alert when it momentarily peaks to 90% — which can trigger a false alarm.

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