Open Source

Get centralized reporting from any deviceiView

Cyberoam iView offers open source logging and reporting, enabling centralized monitoring of distributed networks with multiple devices. It supports high levels of security and data confidentiality while meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance.

Key Highlights

Monitoring Security – With Cyberoam iView, organizations receive logs and reports related to intrusions, attacks, spam and blocked attempts, both internal and external, enabling them to take rapid action throughout their network anywhere in the world.

Layer 8 Identity-based Reports – Cyberoam iView offers reports based on the user identity allowing organizations to see “Who is doing What” anywhere in the network. These reports give an instant view of user activity across applications, protocols and multiple devices and solutions, allowing organizations to take quick action.

Regulatory Compliance – Cyberoam iView’s user identity-based drill down reports enable organizations to meet the access control, audit and forensic requirements of regulatory compliances like HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI-DSS, CIPA and others.