Securing You
  Hardware Specifications
    Maximum number of Available Ports 24  
    Fixed Copper GbE Ports 8  
    Number of Slots for FleXi Ports Module* 2  
    Port Options for FleXi Ports Module (GbE Copper / GbE Fiber / 10GbE Fiber) 8 / 8 / 4  
    Console Ports (RJ45) 1  
    USB Ports 2  
    Hardware Bypass Segments** 2  
    Configurable Internal/DMZ/WAN Ports Yes  
  System Performance***    
    Firewall Throughput (UDP) (Mbps) 28,500  
    Firewall Throughput (TCP) (Mbps) 20,000  
    New sessions/second 200,000  
    Concurrent sessions 6,400,000  
    IPSec VPN Throughput (Mbps) 4,200  
    No. of IPSecTunnels 7,250  
    SSL VPN Throughput (Mbps) 750  
    WAF Protected Throughput (Mbps) 1,750  
    Anti-Virus Throughput (Mbps) 5,500  
    IPS Throughput (Mbps) 8,500  
    NGFW Throughput (Mbps)**** 5,000  
    Fully Protected Throughput (Mbps)***** 4,000  
CR750iNG-XP Datasheet ( PDF )
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* Additional purchase required. FleXi Ports are not HOT swappable.Appliance needs to be turned off prior to changing the FleXi Ports Modules.
** If Enabled, will bypass traffic only in case of Power failure.
*** Antivirus, IPS and Fully Protected Throughput performance is measured based on HTTP traffic as per RFC 3511 guidelines. Actual performance may vary depending on the real network traffic environments.
**** NGFW throughput is measured with Firewall, IPS and Web & Application Filtering features turned on.
***** Fully Protected Throughput is measured with Firewall, IPS, Web & Application Filtering and Anti-Virus features turned on.