Protecting service providers against outbound Spam
Cyberoam’s Outbound Spam Protection solution protects service providers from recurring incidents of outbound spam in their networks, helps reduce costs of providing service, provide a competitive differentiation, better customer service and enable getting higher revenue. Service providers include ISPs, email & web hosting providers, SaaS providers and free email service providers.

Outbound spam in service provider networks arises due to zombie computers, compromised accounts and legitimate spammer accounts And its consequences for service provider’s include higher costs of providing service and wastage of operations / IT time, inability to meet SLAs and blacklisted IP addresses.

Existing approaches to mitigate outbound spam include the use of standard inbound spam technologies in reverse, blocking port 25 or entire IP ranges and manual handling by the abuse team. These approaches are not effective and deal with the symptoms instead of the root cause and hence, are unable to identify the spammer source

Feature Feature Description Benefit
Outbound Spam Filtering
Block outbound spam
Detect locally generated outbound spam
Detect outbound spam that is a part of a global outbreak
Real time spam detection and blocking
Low false positive rate
No more blacklisting of IP addresses
Reduced helpdesk and anti-abuse IT team calls – reduced costs of providing service
Protect your client’s IT networks from spam
Identify real time spam outbreaks – locate the spammer
Protect corporate reputation
Recurrent Pattern Detection
Automated spam protection based on distribution pattern
Content-Agnostic Technology
Signature-less technique
Zero-hour outbound spam protection with no wait for signature updates
Narrow window of exposure
High spam catch rate
Multi-language security against all types of spam viz pdf, excel, mp3
Spammer Identification
Identify spammer source – email addresses of spammers and samples of blocked emails
Helps to eliminate real source of outbound spam
RPD Technology
Most outbreaks last only a few hours
Signature-based Anti-Spam takes time to release signatures
Too late to battle out the initial peak of attack
Cyberoam’s signature-less RPD identifies outbreaks in real-time
Results in zero-hour protection

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